Chill Session Race Information

On Race Day

Our wonderful hosting location is Mansfield Outdoor Centre, in Mulmur. Washrooms are located in the back of the main lodge. Parking should occur in rows parallel to the lodge, we will have volunteers helping organize as you arrive.

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We’ll be ready for you starting at 9:30am to pick up your hoodies and bibs. Pick up will be located in the log cabin just north of the main lodge – look for the N89 banner and come inside!

Race briefings will be short and sweet. 10K Race briefing will be at 10:20, the 1K at 11:10, and the 5K will be at 11:20.

10K course markings are hot pink.
5K course markings are orange.

Both courses are slightly different from the June run (new trails! Woohoo!) but 5K runners will have the same turn off to the left at the main aid station.

Aid Stations: There will be a self serve station at the lookout (water only), a peopled aid station at the Inner Loop Junction with electrolytes and snacks, and another self serve station at the bottom of Karen’s Climb for the 10K folks.

This is a CUP-FREE event! Please bring your own – leave no trace!

As the weather for this coming weekend is changing daily, we encourage you to dress in layers and have a plan for wet conditions. Road running shoes will not cut it in the mud, please have trail shoes with you!

We’ve had questions about music and headphones – we prefer the sound of the forest, but if you must run with music, please have only one ear bud in or keep the volume low and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Lunch will be served in the cafe area, starting around 11:15 and onwards until everyone has completed their race and had a chance to eat! Meat and vegan options were ordered according to your preference when you registered, so please stick to that so everyone gets their first choice. Containers and cutlery are all compostable, please dispose of everything except mugs in the compost bins so we can keep our waste level low! S’mores ingredients will be available to take outside for roasting over the fires!

In the event of rain (or snow – we could get either!) everything will proceed as planned. We have the ability to use the indoor space at MOC, and we’ll move the breweries and beverages inside accordingly.

Getting Here

Mansfield Outdoor Centre
937365 Airport Rd, Mulmur

Enter the driveway at the bottom of the hill and proceed all the way to the main lodge (no turns left or right required – once you see the big barn, you’re there!).

Thank you so much to our supporters!