Hoppin' Into Summer (June 17-July 31, 2021) Courses & FAQ

The 6K Course: The Fun

The Fun Course starts from the main lodge Start Sign, progresses on a gentle uphill grade on the double track to the “Short & Sassy” hill and up to the branch of single track marked with BLUE FUN trail signs.

The Fun trail wraps through the forest and each junction is clearly marked. As you get close to the 6k mark you’ll emerge onto mulched double track and cross the broad FINISH banner!

Look out for obstacles to use in our photo contest, details below!

The 11K Course: The Serious

The Serious Course starts from the main lodge Start Sign, progresses on a gentle uphill grade on the double track to the “Short & Sassy” hill and up to the single track marked with YELLOW SERIOUS trail signs.

The Serious is… serious. There’s not a flat 10m on the course, we’re fairly sure–but the views at the top are worth it!

Caution: one or two of the Serious signs’ yellow bars have faded to white, but the black type is still clear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hardwood Ski and Bike is located in the rolling hills of Oro-Medonte:
402 Old Barrie Road W, Oro-Medonte, ON LOL 2E0

Click the address for a direct link to Google Maps.

Your trail passes were included in your registration! A special coupon code will be emailed to you on June 14th, 2021 to use for your race. This code is valid for only one trail pass, so choose your day wisely! You will also be required to fill in a COVID screening form prior to arriving (just keepin’ everyone safe!) and show both your pass and COVID screen on arriving.

Click here to get your trail pass!

Hardwood Ski & Bike does have some events happening this summer and ask that we do NOT run on the following dates/times:

  • Tue and Wed evenings starting at 5:30pm (Quayle’s is closed Tuesday, so that’s easy)
  • NEW: July 24/25, 2021 for a bike event

We have been given special permission to run on the single track, however bikes are always faster! Please use caution as all trails are one direction (so bikes will be coming from behind) and let them pass when it’s safe to do so. Additional information from Hardwood is located here.

We love your pups, but for this run they have to stay home.

Quayle’s Brewery is located in Coldwater, about 15-20 minutes north of Hardwood Ski & Bike.
12 Line North, Coldwater, ON

Ontario’s plan to re-open will happen in stages, but those are currently loosely defined. To the best of our knowledge, all outdoor areas like Hardwood will continue to be open, and Quayle’s is currently offering curbside pick-up with the fervent hope that their enormous patio and gorgeous beer garden (NEW!) will be able to receive visitors by June 15th, but please plan accordingly. We’re all in this together!

Feeling silly? After hopping off rocks and balancing on logs on the Serious the other day, it dawned on us – let’s do another photo contest! In collaboration with Quayle’s, we’re putting together a prize pack to encourage you to “get creative” on the obstacles if you’re so inclined (beware of the incline though, no injuries please!). More details will be released in the June 14th email that will include your Trail Pass coupon code!