Get out and run this fall with a twist on virtual racing

We know, we know. Everything has been cancelled this year. We felt the same way – so we decided to create a new race format based on place rather than date. We’ve partnered with Creemore Springs Brewery in Creemore, Ontario to give you the opportunity to race a course, get some sweet swag and enjoy great beer experience.

*Participants must be 19 years of age at the time of registration.

We're sold out! Late shirts are due to arrive soon, in the mean time happy running!

We anticipate the top up order to arrive to us around October 12th – so if you plan to run after that date we can put together your race kit and have it ready at the brewery for you, or we’ll ship the shirt separately. All race kits with the medals, buffs, and extras will be at the brewery as of Sept 30th so you can pick up your beer!

About the runs

Series Start: September 30th | Series Finish: November 30th

The N89 Fall Series includes two distances on the fast and flowy singletrack of Dufferin County Forest Main Tract. A 6k(ish) and 11k(ish) distance will give you the opportunity to stretch your legs and put your training to the test. This is a virtual-hybrid race. We want to keep the sense of place in a regular running race by using the same course, while allowing you to complete that course on your own time, observing social distancing and safety precautions. Run any day between September 30th and November 30th, 2020!

Early-bird participants will be able to pick up your race kit as you finish your day at the Creemore Springs Brewery to select two free beer from Creemore’s line-up to enjoy at home. If the brewery is not able to open their patio due to COVID-19 by the time the race begins, you’ll still be able to take advantage of curb-side pick up for your free beverages!

More information

Full course details are available now! Scroll up to see the buttons for the 6k & 11k courses. The 6k consists of an out-and-back on singletrack with moderate elevation gain, through hardwood and pine forests. The 11k course includes the out-and-back and an additional loop and a little more elevation; we call it the Lollipop! As GPS between devices is a little flaky at the best of times, we’re going on physical markers as the start and finish, so individual recorded distances may vary.

This is a self-supported endeavour. There are no natural water features or aid stations on the course. You will need to pack any water / support items with you, and take everything back out again – leave only footprints. NOTE: this trail is a popular mountain biking network – be on the look out for riders and share the trail accordingly.

We have two official options to record your race time. Routes have been created in Strava; RunKeeper will also have the course available to track your time. If you prefer a different app or device, we’ll accept manual screen captures! Starting September 30th, a special leaderboard page will be available on this site with a form to submit your time and your email as registered for the event (we’re use your registration info to get your name for the leaderboard – email addresses will remain confidential!).

IMPORTANT: if you start your RunKeeper run using the flag (race) icon in the app after September 30th, it will count for your race run, so don’t use it for training purposes! You can run the route as many times as you want, so long as you don’t start your “race” tracker.

We’ll be manually updating the leaderboard on this site daily between September 30th and November 30th!

Dufferin County Forest Bylaws

Please obey all Dufferin County Forest Bylaws. To see the complete document, click here.

  • No littering (no on-site garbage disposal – if you pack it in, pack it out)
  • No damaging trees or shrubs (be aware there is poison ivy at the sides of the trail on the 11k course – we try to remove it as possible, just exercise caution stepping off the singletrack.)
  • Have your dog under control at all times (if your dog has good recall and good manners, off-leash running is permitted! However, horses also use the trails that intersect the course; bring a leash with you and be prepared if you encounter other users or wildlife. We recommend if the parking lot is busy, keep pup on a line until you’re away from vehicles.)
  • Horses have the right of way at intersections – make sure you say “hay” so they see you!
  • Absolutely no beer or alcohol in the parking lot. Please come to the brewery patio to have your beverage, or take it home. Please enjoy responsibly.

Health Recommendations

Please follow all current Ontario and Dufferin County / Simcoe County guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Up to date recommendations can be found here and here.

I like the idea of running and beer, but I don’t want to run on trails. Can I still participate?

Of course! Running is glorious no matter where you do it! If you’re working on the 6k distance, you can put together a loop in Creemore (mostly flat – contact us on our home page and we’ll hook you up with a suggested route!). For the 11k, we’ve got a wicked gravel road route that gives you a fantastic view of the surrounding countryside.

Can I bring my dog on the trails?

Yes! Provided your dog is well-mannered and has good recall, dogs are permitted to be off leash on the trails. Note: Horses and bikes use the trail network so be prepared to stop your dog and move off trail if necessary.

I want to wear my race shirt while I run on the trail. Can I pick up my race kit on the way to the trail?

Absolutely! We’ve made the decision to send all registrants packages directly to the brewery for pick up any time on or after September 30th. If you’re not able to visit the brewery, please let us know and we’ll mail your race kit to your door. Beer will not be delivered along with it – you’ll need to travel to the brewery for that one! Note: there is absolutely no open alcohol permitted in Dufferin Forest, so if you pick up your race kit and beer, please enjoy responsibly… at home.

Enter to win!

Post your favourite race day photo(s) and follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to enter and win one of two 2021 race registrations!

with amazing support from Creemore Springs Brewery

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