Proudly Canadian

Race Swag Made in CANADA!

Support Canadian businesses during the pandemic and feel good about knowing exactly where your swag has come from! Included in your registration is a printed head wrap, a ceramic medal made in Creemore by a local artist (with a detachable dye sublimated lanyard for your keys!), any trail fees (or donations to trail associations) and a FREE FLIGHT of beer from the brewery or cidery associated with the race you choose. We also have NEW optional race swag: scroll down to see hats, dye sublimated tech t-shirts, baseball tees and hoodies!

What's included in your race kit:

*Note: Creemore Springs is giving participants TWO FREE BEER as opposed to a flight.
Medals change colour depending on the race.

Optional swag this year:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Full course details:

  • Hoppin’ Into Summer is available here.
  • Rocks & Cider is available here.
  • The Long Run is available here.
  • Beer Barrens is available here.

All courses are exclusively on single track, generally mixed use trails. As GPS between devices is a little flaky at the best of times, individual recorded distances may vary.

This is a self-supported endeavour. There are no natural water features or aid stations on the course. You will need to pack any water / support items with you, and take everything back out again – leave only footprints.

We have two official options to record your race time. Use your favourite app on your phone or watch and submit manually via RaceRoster with a screenshot, or use RunKeeper to load the course and track your time. If you prefer we load your results, we’ll accept manual screen captures to our email address! Starting on the first race day, a special leaderboard page will be available on RaceRoster.

I like the idea of running and beer, but I don’t want to run on trails. Can I still participate?

Of course! Running is glorious no matter where you do it! We cannot ship beer or flights however, so if you don’t want to visit the brewery or cidery you register with, we will have to arrange shipping your race kit to you for a small mailing fee.

Can I bring my dog on the trails?

For Hoppin’ into Summer, no pups please.

For all other races, yes! Obey leash by-laws where applicable.

I want to wear my race shirt while I run on the trail. Can I pick up my race kit on the way to the trail?

Absolutely! All registrants packages are delivered directly to the brewery/cidery for pick up any time on or after the race start date until the race end date. If you’re not able to visit the brewery, please let us know and we’ll mail your race kit to your door. Beer will not be delivered along with it – you’ll need to travel to the brewery for that one! Note: there is absolutely no open alcohol permitted on the trails, so if you pick up your race kit and beer, please enjoy responsibly… at home, or back at the brewery/cidery post-run.

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